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Here is what people are saying

A large portion of A Word's Worth clients are referrals -- satisfied customers who share their success stories with family, friends, and colleagues. Here is a sampling of the feedback I've received over the years.

Professional Accolades

Respected Publisher David F. Noble wrote about a résumé contribution by A Word's Worth, "Few résumés exhibit vitality, but this one does. The light tone of the headline, followed by a strong quote establishes the résumé's tone, which is kept to the end."

Renowned authors Louise Kursmark and Wendy Enelow refer to a cover letter contributed by A Word's Worth to their Cover Letter Magic book as "well written" and "persuasive."

I got compliments on my resume and received many interviews from various employers during a very trying pandemic time.

David D.

Inventory Management Specialist

Both resume and email-cover-letter look great! Thank you, Nina.

Patricia D.

Sales Executive

The professional resume that you did for me has paid off. I was offered 3 jobs in South Dakota (we own a house there).

Douglas C.

Law Enforcement Professional

Hi Nina,
Thank you for the edits. I am very happy with the resume. Many thanks. Happy holidays!

Maureen H.

Communications Specialist

Thank you, Nina. I appreciate your help. Your positive energy, insights, and encouragement - not to mention your great resume writing skills and professionalism - were really helpful in getting me going.

Joan C.


Nina, I see how your strong language makes such a difference! Thank you.

Jean A.

Administrative Coordinator

Nina, Thank you. I'm glad you felt my edits were useful and your tweaking has improved them a ton. I truly feel your revisions helped me get interviews!

Doug M.

Wealth Management Candidate

Hi Nina, Thanks for sending me the documents. I appreciate the work you did and think they look great!

James B.

Pharmaceutical Sales Professional

Resume and email-cover-letter look great! I love them!! Thank you so much for helping me!!

Jenn R.


Hello Nina, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for Saturday. I truly appreciate the time you spent working with me.

Susan P.

Registered Dietician

Great Job Nina. You are the best at what you do. Please invoice me for your services. I cannot thank you enough for expediting my project


Entrepreneur – Business Application

HI Nina! I think everything is good. I feel much better about where my cover letter and resume are now from where it was before we...

Brett G.

Sports Analytics Specialist

Hi Nina,

The resume and cover letter are excellent!

Thank you,

Karen S.

VP, Banking

Looks amazing!!! Thanks so much.

Frank G.

Warehouse and Distribution Director

Resume and cover letter both look great! Thank you so much, I would hire me. Nina, it was a pleasure meeting you, I hope we can work together again!

Sahar E.

Mechanical Engineer

Good morning.  It’s been a painless process working with you Nina. Thank you very much for assisting in my transition.

Dana R.

C-Level Executive

Nina, I hope all has been well. I am absolutely blown away by the resume you did for me. I need to visit with you soon to update it.

Kyle C.

Human Resources Administrator

Dear Nina,
I was very pleased with both the resume and the cover letter. Thank you!

Elizabeth C.

Administrative Assistant

Hello Nina, These look amazing! Thank you so much. I mean I know all these things are true but I’m still blown away by how capable you are.

Estelle O.

Senior Process Engineer

Hi Nina,

I think everything came out great. Thanks for getting it done so quickly.  Well, I never say never, but this may be the last time I may need your services. You and I have come a long way. I was 19 when I saw your office front in Toms River right off RT 37.  Now I am 42 with a family. Lol.
Take care.

Michael F.

General Manager


I am speechless on how professional the resume and cover letter are written. I honestly do not have any changes. Your work is beyond my expectations.

Kim F.

Product Specialist

Hi Nina,

I looked over the resume and cover letter and I think they perfect. Thank you so much!

Larisa M.

Registered Nurse

Hi Nina. I love the way you wote my resume and cover letter. I'm ready to hire myself!!


Customer Service Director

Thank you, Nina, for taking the time to learn about me and for writing the resume and cover letter so well.

Ian F.

Recently Graduated Production Assistant

Hi Nina, Resume looks great. Thank you for all your help!



Everything looks great! I thank you again for always doing such a wonderful job with all my writing needs!

Best regards,

Rose W.

Administrative Professional

Nina, I am properly impressed. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Kim C

Project Manager

Hi Nina, Thank you so much for all of your time and hard work. I think this is wonderful.

Katie S.

Financial Operations Director

Good evening Nina, I looked over the resume and the cover letter and they are perfect. Thank you.

Joseph C.

VP, Information Technology

Dear Nina, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my resume and cover letter.

Scott P.

Construction Management Professional

Hi Nina. Thank you so much for expediting my resume. It looks awesome.

Aurora L.

Loan Processor

Dear Ms. Ebert, I wanted to say that I absolutely love the cover letter and resume, and I wanted to thank you for making them so perfect.

Armand B.


Hi Nina,
Resume and cover letter are perfect! Wishing you a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Michele J.


Hi Nina,
Looks great! I’m thrilled and really appreciate the help.

Ryan D.

Financial Analyst

Nina, I got the email with the cover letter and resume! They look great! Thank you and I will be in contact if I have any questions.

Paige B.

Product Manager

Hi Nina, I Got A Job!! Please excuse my delayed outreach to you. I happened to get a job around a month ago. I just wanted to thank you.

Leo T.

Data Analyst

Both the resume and the cover letter look amazing!

Peter G.

Business Relationship Manager / IT Professional

Hi Nina, Thanks again for producing a truly outstanding resume.

Lisa D.

Senior Administrative Assistant

Hi Nina, Thank you very much for your attention to detail, time, and professionalism. I feel confident I can move forward pursuing employment opportunities.

Nicole L.

HR Manager

Thank you so much for assisting me in this process. My resume and cover letter look so much better and more presentable. Talking to you really made a difference in my outlook on getting a job.

Evan M.

Industrial Engineer

I think you’re amazing and I wouldn't go anywhere else to have anyone else write my resume or Linkedln. The review I wrote on Yelp is completely true.

Lori F.

Business Owner

Hi Nina, Thanks for doing a terrific job on the resume and letter! I think you really captured the essential elements of my work and me!

Andrew Z.

Chief Executive Officer

BRAVO! Really great ... beautiful! Thanks.

Robert H.

Facilities Management Professional

Everything looked great.

Ian M.

December 2016 College Graduate

Hi Nina! I hope this email finds you well! You did a great job and I would like you to update my resume for a third time. Thank you!

Nicole B.

Marketing Administrator

Both resume and cover letter are great! Thank you so much for everything!

Sara B.

Administrative Assistant – Academic Setting

Hi, Nina, I went through both resume and cover letter. They seem to me to flow really well. I would hire me. Thank you.

John L.

Information Technology & Network Security Professional

Hello Nina, AWESOME JOB on the resume and cover letter! Thank you very much.

Beverly G.

Executive Administrative Assistant

I reviewed the resume and cover letter. They both look fantastic! Thank you very much for all your help. Thank you again for everything.

David S.

Customer Service Manager

Nina, I have reviewed the resumes and cover letters. Thank you, they came out wonderful. I appreciate the fast turnaround. I do not think anyone could do as great a job as you.

Kathleen M.


I absolutely LOVE this version of my resume! I think it is outstanding!! I do not have any changes and I will use this resume whenever I am applying for job.

Kerry M.

Healthcare Executive

Nina, GREAT work!

Cammy W.

Wealth Management Professional

Very pleased with the outcome.

Jackie H.

Property Manager

Thank you so much for your work on my new and improved resume. I am excited to start looking for a new job.

Lisa S.

Account Manager / Product Manager

I am very pleased with your work, I would definitely hire me now.

Alex A.

Sales Training Representative

Nina, I think that resume and cover letter look absolutely wonderful. What an amazing job you did! Thank you so much, having someone like you to help me in the process made all the difference.

Kyle C.

Recruiting Coordinator

I spent today reviewing the resume and cover letter, and I'm absolutely blown away. Thank you for such a phenomenal job.

Anna B.

Project Specialist

I highly recommend Nina's services! She is extremely caring, professional, and wants you to succeed in your career goals. I was beyond happy with her work.

Matthew B.

Certified Railway Conductor

Just prior to my retirement from 40 years of service with the Department of Army Fire Service, I researched for a top-rated resume writer and found Nina Ebert of A Word’s Worth. I am so glad I did!

John E.

Fire and Emergency Services Professional

Nina, thank you. I appreciate all your help. I did get the job at 100K with a promise for additional 10K after New Year, all thanks to your resume and cover letter."

Jackie B.

Sales Executive

I wanted to tell you I just received notice I am hired by FDU as adjunct professor. The board complimented my resume and cover letter.

Matthew P.

Chief of Police

I just wanted to let you know that I received numerous opportunities to interview after sending out my resume! I have accepted a position and I cannot thank you enough.

Joanne R.

Nursing Home Administrator

Just a note to say thanks again. You truly turned a caterpillar into a butterfly (on paper).

Loretta D.

Nurse Administrator

Thank you so much for the great resume and cover letter! Also, thanks for the great head start . . . You really made me feel confident in my professional abilities.

Roxanne G.

Business Manager

I wanted to thank you for the outstanding work you did on my resume and cover letter. I also wanted to thank you for the great guidance you gave me.

Scott G.

IT Executive

Once again you have done wonders for me with your skills. I have received job offers worldwide. I've decided to remain here in New Jersey.

Gregory M.


I'm writing to thank you for the great professional job did with my resume and cover letter. I sent out about 15 resumes and within 2 days I received 5 job offers.

Mary G.


Your career coaching and resume writing proved to be wonderful, once again. As a medical sales representative wishing to enter pharmaceutical sales, I am so glad I hired you.

Joanne K.

Pharmaceutical Sales

Once again, your writing expertise has made a big impression in our district. The assistant superintendent said my resume and cover letter were very impressive. Thank you, Nina!

Lori Ann S.

Teacher / Spanish Specialist

Nina, I am totally pleased and impressed by your final project. The resume and cover letter look great.

Pat W.

Medical Collections Specialist

Nina, you are brilliant! You managed to make me a great resume and cover letter despite myself! Thank you so much!

Tom M.

Multi-Media Production Company Producer

Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my resume. Being someone who has looked at hundreds of resumes in my career, I can honestly say you have outdone yourself!

Bob B.

General Manager

Wow! I'd hire me!! Super presentation. Dynamic use of words. You are an artist of words. Well worth the $$ investment.

Francie S.

Property Manger

I am the pharmacist you did the resume for about four months ago. I am proud to say that I have received 3 job offers within 2 weeks. Thank you!

Anthony K.


Just wanted to follow up with you to let you know that I will be starting my new job today as a project manager. Thank you for your great work!

Maria M.

Telecommunications Professional

BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks so much. I will recommend you any chance that I get.

Priscilla M.

Registered Nurse

I just wanted to thank you so very much for helping me out in writing an amazing resume. I don't know if I could ever put into words what I do. You did it perfectly.

Angela S.

Operating Room Nurse

Nina, thank you for taking the time to do this for me. Both resume and cover letter are great!

Cammy W.

Investment Product Sales

Hi Nina, Thank you so much for the revised resume and cover letter. They look great!


Digital Marketing Analyst

Hi Nina,

Thank you for the edits. I am very happy with the resume. Many thanks. Happy holidays!

Maureen H.

Communications Specialist

Hi Nina,

The resume is fantastic!

Mike S.

Telecommunications Director

Hi Nina,

Everything you provided for me (cover letter & resume) is perfect. I really have nothing to add. Obviously, I'll have to tweak things once I apply to different jobs. The resume/cover letter will serve as an excellent template for future opportunities. I just wanted to thank you for your amazing work. It gives a real confidence boost in these strange times.

Daniel F

Area Operations Manager

Hi Nina,

I think you captured me very well, with strong passages for each stop in my career. I enjoy your style of writing.

David A.

Customer Service Manager

Hi Nina,

Thank you so much for your professional expertise in preparing my resume. With the assistance and advice you gave me, I feel confident in moving forward. You are great at what you do!

Corinne R.