Sleep Deprivation and How It Can Affect Your Job Performance, Part 2

Sleep Deprivation and How It Can Affect Your Job Performance
April 10, 2018
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December 20, 2018

Sleep Deprivation and How It Can Affect Your Job Performance, Part 2

A Word’s Worth Once Again Welcomes Guest Blogger, Kelly N, Sleep Enthusiast

Sleep Deprivation Part 2 (Edited by Nina Ebert, CPRW/CC)

Since the National Sleep Foundation discovered that employees spend a weekly average of 4.5 hours performing work-associated tasks at home, it appears likely that workers may be less productive during business hours because they are tired.

I mean, really? Who wants to work at work, then work at home, then work at work … the vicious cycle goes on!

Today, more than ever, we face a multitude of distractions. These distractions may be keeping us from sleeping well! Believe it or not, sleep deprivation not only reduces your ability to focus, it can also increase the likelihood of you being distracted.

(Yes, YOU, so listen up!)

Below is a synopsis of potential problems plagued by sleep deprived individuals:

• Maintaining focus on relevant cues
• Developing and updating strategies
• Keeping track of events
• Maintaining interest in outcomes
• Attending to activities judged to be non-essential
• Feeling irritable, angry, depressed and / or hostile

How About Getting Better Sleep? Experts state, among other things:

• Replace your mattress every 9-10 years (maybe sooner if you notice issues)
• Sleep on a supportive pillow
• Get a new pillow every 1-3 years
• Wash your pillow every 6 months (dust mites and all kinds of icky things may reside in your pillow)

In closing, this Certified Professional Resume Writer / Career Coach also thinks that thinking about the fact that you may lose your job … you may not be able to make your mortgage or rent payments … or you may have to continue living with your parents even though you’re 35 … is enough to keep you awake at night.

My suggestion:

• Get your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile off your “To Do” list and onto your “Done” list by contacting

Part 3 of Kelly N’s Blog will be featured next month.




Nina Ebert
Nina Ebert
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