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LinkedIn Profiles

Employers today are increasingly using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool. A powerful resource for expanding your network, LinkedIn is a branding tool that connects you with recruiters and colleagues, helping you to gain access to hidden job markets.

After exploring and identifying your achievements and unique attributes during our in-depth discussion(s), I will develop a LinkedIn profile for you.

Let's talk about the LinkedIn profile for a minute...

At this point, it’s common knowledge that employment competition is fierce. To compete in this “battle,” you need more than a wonderful resume and compelling cover letter. LinkedIn profiles are a must.

Just a few years ago, LinkedIn reported it had 90 million users and was growing at the rate of one new user per second. Think about that — LinkedIn is reportedly growing its users each and every second of each and every day. That’s awesome . . . and it’s overwhelming. Those of you who have been actively networking using your LinkedIn profiles – good for you! But I have to ask: Is your LinkedIn profile good enough for you?

Unfortunately, frequently missing from your LinkedIn profile is your voice, your personality, and your career plan. You need to create a compelling story within your LinkedIn profile. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time. So let’s get started with some basic LinkedIn tips:

  • ‘I’ makes the profile more personal. People want to connect with people, personalities, and passion.
  • Know thyself. Determine your professional brand and express it in 120 characters or less.
  • Create a headline that describes yourself as unique and valuable.
  • Think about and document your unique qualities and the things you do best.

We Take The Time.

Before I write a single word on your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile, I work with you to create a career development / advancement plan. I indentify the stages of your career and I help YOU DISCOVER YOU. Only then can I highlight your triumphs. I align your career accomplishments with those that are relevant to your career. I concentrate on creating documents that “wow” prospective employers.

Let’s do a for instance. A retiring police lieutenant recently provided me with the following list of accomplishments he thought should be included in his resume:

  • Coordinate activities by scheduling work assignments, setting priorities, directing work of subordinate employees.
  • Liaison with local and federal government agencies.
  • Promote an environment encouraging the cooperation of others, using my knowledge of personnel and resource management techniques.

I turned what he wrote into the following:

  • Directed and monitored the activities of an average of 200 police officers, depending on the shift, supervising daily division-wide operations. Led investigations and solved assorted crimes, among them hotel crimes, credit card thefts, and assaults stemming from NYC criminal activities.
  • Coordinated activities, scheduled work assignments, set priorities, and directed employees and inter-agency stakeholders in implementing investigations. Liaised with Hudson County Prosecutors Office and the FBI.
  • Strengthened alliances with outside agencies. Promoted an environment encouraging inter-agency cooperation and collaboration.

Although my client’s statements generally touched upon some relevant keywords that belonged in his resume, I honestly didn’t think a recruiter or prospective employer would be impressed with his version of events. On the other hand, I think my version begins to tell his story, on its way to potentially wowing prospective employers.

Your LinkedIn profile must attract prospective employers’ attention, engage them in your story, and compel them to read further – all in 2000 characters or less. To accomplish this, you can “steal” from your resume, connecting what you’ve done in the past with what you want to do in the future. Add your personality, your passion, and your plan into your message. Describe your relevant achievements and demonstrate your potential value to the prospective employer.

If this sounds tricky or you simply don’t have the time or energy, don’t fret. I’m only a phone call, an email, or a LinkedIn visit away. And here's an example of a real live person, for whom I wrote a LinkedIn profile.

Interview-Winning Resumes and Cover Letters

A Word's Worth provides you with Microsoft Word documents in fonts and formats easily scanned by prospective employers. Professional resumes and cover letters are created from scratch following an in-depth fact-finding consultation in my office or over the telephone (if time permits). There are no questionnaires for you to complete or worksheets to fill out. I do all the work! The result is a professional resume and cover letter as unique as you are, punctuated by expert writing and complemented by creative and crisp design.

Resume and cover letter drafts are not considered completed until they are stamped with your approval. The review process can be accomplished either over the telephone or via e-mail. Once your professional documents are written, you have the opportunity to scrutinize them to verify the accuracy of the information, ensure you are satisfied with the layout, and feel secure that you are truly prepared to begin your job search.

Experience the customized service of A Word's Worth. Unlike "virtual" resume writing offices, in which you communicate with your resume writer / career coach only via telephone or email, and often require you to fill out painstaking questionnaires, I provide you with the best possible scenario. I do the work; you reap the rewards!

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