Career Resources

A Word's Worth, among the most reputable services you will find within the career support arena, has a host of contact information on resume and cover letter distribution services, specifically helpful if you find that the more traditional methods are not working for you.

Additional Job Search Services

Although the following services are distinctly separate entities from A Word's Worth, I make a habit of helping connect my clients with career support tools such as:

Web Portfolios

A web portfolio can enhance your professional image by showcasing your achievements visually, using charts, images, and samples of your work. After completing your resume, I work with a web designer to develop your web portfolio, giving recruiters and potential employers access to your credentials at any time of the day or night!

You may also ask for (at an additional fee):

  • Reference and Salary Sheets
  • Personalized Thank You Letters
  • Position Acceptance and Resignation Letters

Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching improves your confidence and enables you to respond appropriately during the all-important employment interview. A Word's Worth offers this service, either inclusively or for an additional fee, depending on the complexity of the coaching project. If Interview Coaching becomes an add-on service, fees will be discussed and agreed upon before the project begins.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching for those unsure of their career direction is a professional service provided by A Word's Worth. As in Interview Coaching, Career Coaching is either included in the fee of writing the resume and cover letter or, if an additional evaluation and assessment is required, an additional fee is levied. If Career Coaching becomes an add-on service, fees will be discussed and agreed upon before the project begins.

Career Support / Solutions

A Word's Worth works with you from project start to completion, committed to providing you with the personal attention you deserve. After all, your career is my job!


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