The Dos and Don’ts of Resumes

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April 4, 2020

The Dos and Don’ts of Resumes

Those of you who are existing clients, as well as those of you who have taken the first steps in becoming my clients, know that there are a few criteria I ask to fulfill before we commence to work together.

Believe me, I do not enjoy putting you to work before I can work with you. Rather, there are things I ask you do you so that I can do the most for you. My primary goal is to understand what type of employment you are seeking and what type of employment you are qualified to obtain.

You have probably heard about resume design for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). If you have heard that your resume has to be ATS-compliant so your document can be seen by human eyes, ultimately earning you interviews, you have heard correctly.

Many job seekers have applied for hundreds of jobs but never land an interview. They submit the same resume and cover letter for each role without making tweaks or researching the companies first. Unfortunately, this is not the right way to go about landing your dream job … or any job at all.

Before you apply for a job:

Your resume and cover letter must target the job you want. Do not try to use a “generic” resume or cover letter Send documents that are geared toward one type of job.

Adapt your resume and cover letter to each position you are pursuing. Choose quality over quantity. It is better to send 5 targeted resumes and cover letters than to apply to 100 jobs with unfocused documents. You have to understand what the employer is looking for (skills and experience) before you submit your documents.

Ensure you are highlighting your strongest accomplishments. Your accomplishments are what will set you apart from other job candidates.

Documenting how well you perform specific job responsibilities is the job of your resume writer/career coach. A Word’s Worth Resume Writing and Career Coaching Service is well aware of this and is fully prepared to help you achieve a “hire image.”

Contact Nina Ebert, Certified Professional Resume Writer/Career Coach, to land your dream job!

Nina Ebert
Nina Ebert
A Word's Worth Resume Writing and Career Coaching Service helps clients from all walks of life achieve "hire images" by writing compelling resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, as well as providing career coaching expertise honed over years of experience in the field. Totally committed to customer satisfaction, A Word's Worth is owned and operated by Nina Ebert, Certified Professional Resume Writer / Career Coach / 23-time author of nationally published resume and cover letter samples.

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