Okay, so you’ve lost your job.  You were doing a great job at your last place of employment, but the process of making the widgets you were producing has been outsourced and staffing has been reduced. Or, your position has been eliminated and the company can’t afford your salary. Whatever the reason, I want you to know the following truth: being unemployed does not mean you are unemployable.

First, realize that the days of job security are gone and the fact that you’ve been laid off or lost your position due to attrition is not a personal attack on you or your skills. Unfortunately, it is often your ego that’s on life support when you lose your job.  Being the loyal blog readers that you are, I am sure you are aware by now that the first step in beginning the rest of your career, while concurrently resuscitating your ego, is hiring a skilled Certified Professional Résumé Writer to develop a compelling résumé and cover letter for you. That said, I’m here for you!

Second, know that the skills you have developed throughout your career are still viable. If, by chance, you feel that your skills are not up to date and are in need of tweaking – especially in areas relevant to your career – take advantage of programs offered at community colleges or private certificate-oriented training programs.  This advice is of critical importance if your career requires you to be tech savvy and you are not comfortable in maneuvering Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Want to really wow your next employer? Conquer Microsoft Access while you’re at it.

There are wonderful tools available in this digital age for finding employers, as well as avenues for demonstrating your tech-savvy strengths. Build your social networks. And, for goodness sake, realize that prospective employers are perusing your social networks. Use only appropriate language on your Facebook Page. Include LinkedIn and Twitter as efficient tools to spread the word about your job hunt. Employers are online, using social media sites to recruit employment candidates. Make your social networks work for you . . . sooner or later, you will be working too!

April 8, 2015

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Okay, so you’ve lost your job.  You were doing a great job at your last place of employment, but the process of making the widgets you […]
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