Build Your Network . . . Employers Will Call

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April 8, 2015
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October 1, 2015

Build Your Network . . . Employers Will Call

By building solid business relationships, you will expand potential career opportunities. The single best thing you can do for your career today is build your network for tomorrow. Start by making a list of leaders, experts, and decision makers in your industry. Develop relationships with them at industry meetings and through professional associations. Connect with them on LinkedIn. Make useful comments on their blog, answer questions on on-line forums, and partake in e-list communications.

Realize that it is in your best interest to develop and execute an effective online strategy. Market yourself on the internet, consistently delivering a strong branding message. Start by eliminating “bad press.” Peruse your social networking sites and remove all inappropriate content. That raunchy story you posted on Facebook — take it off!

In today’s market, it’s perfectly obvious that resume writing has become an art, a very competitive art at that. Rather than presenting a basic resume template, have a professional create a targeted document that distinguishes you from your competitors. Align yourself with a professional who will strategically position your career achievements and highlight your best features. Don’t forget, a customized cover letter is key to every job query.

The resume should focus on your personal career brand and provide a value proposition, which is, in essence, a compelling sales pitch. This should personify the branding message delivered in your resume and cover letter. If you create a strong, consistent message, prospective employers will contact you for an interview.

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