If you know me — either through professional services I have rendered you or simply by perusing my website or reading my blogs — you know that I am committed to being on a constant path of learning. In this sense, I am akin to someone training for the next Ironman / Iron Woman Contest. If I were in such training, I would be aware that there is a strong possibility that a fellow competitor could be stronger, could lift heavier poundage, could flex heftier muscles than I. So, train I must!

Thankfully, at my age, I don’t have to lift a thing except my fingers at the laptop. (Full disclosure, I go to the gym, but that’s because I like to workout, not because I am preparing for a fitness competition.) However, as a writer and a career resource to my clients, I must constantly flex my mental capabilities. Essentially, everyday (and not just Monday through Friday), I obligate myself to thinking about how I can be the best possible resource to my clients.

Here’s something you may not know about me and my journey to becoming the best resume writer, best cover letter writer, best LinkedIn profile writer, and best career resource I can be: When I started A Word’s Worth Resume Writing and Career Coaching Service in 1989, some of my fellow journalism graduates thought I was wasting my talent. I had emerged from the University of Rhode Island (URI) as one of the school’s top journalism graduates. Since my dad had been a journalist, I had enjoyed the benefit of working for the now defunct “Jersey Journal” (a Newhouse publication) during both my high school years and summer intersessions while in college. Although I hadn’t chosen to attend a top journalism school like Syracuse University (honestly, I fell in love with Rhode Island, the Ocean State, having been born and raised in Jersey City and having spent summers in Belmar, I so wanted to be near the Ocean), I was a pretty big honcho on the URI campus, having earned the title of Features Editor of the “Good 5 Cent Cigar,” the school newspaper, as a mere sophomore.

My fellow graduates at the time, thought and blatantly expressed to me that I was, essentially, wasting my talent as a “mere” resume writer / career coach. They thought I should have turned my skills into a writer of books, a newspaper or magazine editor, a movie script writer . . . whatever. What my fellow journalism graduates did not comprehend was that I yearned to help people . . . in addition to being a great writer.

So, after completing a few graduate courses in human resources and working at a few jobs that always centered around writing, followed by nearly 25 years of owning and solely operating A Word’s Worth Resume Writing and Career Coaching Service, I have learned yet another lesson.

Just like the athlete who is training to win his or her Ironman / Iron Woman Contest, I too am in training. I read, I listen, I consume information. Will I ever stop? I doubt it. Retirement – not for me. Thinking – nonstop!

April 8, 2015

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If you know me — either through professional services I have rendered you or simply by perusing my website or reading my blogs — you know […]
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